If you want to have the first line of a Select-List be something like "Choose Type..." then you would set that up like this:

0;Choose Type...;

In this case, you will notice that there is no value entered after the second semicolon. That is because, if you put a value in it and then use validation rules that state the element is required, any text after that second semicolon would make it appear that a choice had been made. If you put no text after the second semicolon, then the validation script will still prompt them to select a choice in the field.

So, putting all of that together, let's say you want to give someone a color choice. You might code it as follows: Your options will appear in the list in the same order as you enter them in the 'List' field. If you want to change the order, just move them around within that field.

The validation rule that should be used with a select-list is FF::ff_valuenotempty.

0;Choose Color;
0;I like all colors so it doesn't matter; Any color


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