Obtain an SSL certificate from your hosting provider. A shared SSL certificate will not work on a Joomla web site.

1) Make sure an email address of admin@domain exists for the account in question. An approval email will be sent to this.

2) Provide the hosting company with the following information, required by the certificate provider (state N/A where not applicable):


Host* to make certificate for:

[*host* is the fully qualified domain name where the ssl certificate will be installed. The URL that is on the address bar of the browser when an SSL connection is established.

SSL can work on one host only. Examples:

1. https://yourdomain.com


2. https://www.yourdomain.com]


Company name:

Company division:

State: (full name)


Street Address:

Postal Code / Zip:

Country (2 letter abbreviation):

Contact Email:



The Hosting Company will then initiate the installation process and issue you with an invoice for the certificate and for the dedicated IP address.

Go to http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/site-management/url-redirection/11326

and download Yireo SSL Redirection plugin (FREE)

Simply set up the menu items and components or pages that require to be SSL enabled and voila - you are done !




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