There is a migrator within virtuemart 2.

It migrates for you the shoppergroups, categories, manufacturers, manufacturer categories, the products, types, attributes and orders. Count how many products you have on the VM 1.1 site. You will need this figure to make sure you migrate all products later on.

To get the best result follow these steps:

  1. Upload an akeebackup backup file and Kickstart.php to a subdomain of an existing site
  2. Run the installation of the Joomla 1.5 site with VM 1.1 to a sub domain of an existing site
  3. Delete any dot htaccess files from either the root or the subdomain of the web site
  4. Delete uploaded backup files and kickstart file
  5. Install latest Jupgrade component
  6. Enable Mootools Plugin
  7. Enable System Legacy Plugin
  8. Run Jupgrade (if Jupgrade fails to run check to make sure you have deleted all  dot htaccess files)
  9. Update Joomla if required
  10. Rename Administrator/Components/Com_virtuemart to com_virtuemart_OLD
  11. Rename Components/Com_virtuemart to com_virtuemart_OLD
  12. Move your product/manufacturer/vendor images into images/stories/virtuemart and there in the right subfolders. (category, manufacturer, product, vendor)
  13. Disable the Joomla debug option in the Joomla configuration and if installed Akeebabackup Component - System Restore Points plugin.
  14. Disable ALL old virtuemart 1 extensions
  15. Set your default joomla frontend language to the one used in the description of your products. It is important to do this step before updating VirtueMart for installing the correct default VirtueMart languages tables.
  16. Install VirtueMart 2 directly with the joomla installer. Use zip file and not gzip/tar.
  17. Install the AIO component. It contains all the plugins and the modules related to VirtueMart.
  18. Go to the administrator, set the language(s) for your store, even if your store is not multi lingual and save the VirtueMart configuration.
  19. Enable The "Enable database Update tools" in Virtuemart Configuration.
  20. Go to Tools/Tools & Migration "Migration" Tab
  21. Choose "Everything" and click "Start Migration"
  22. Click "Products" as many times as it takes for all products to migrate. If you have a lot of products you may need to do this five or six times. Count how many products you have on the old VM 1.1 site and check how many are listed in the VM 2.0 Products. Failure to migrate all products will mean having to go through this process all over again.
  23. Back up this migrated site using Akeebackup and make a comment to say it is a migrated Joomla 2.0 and VM 2.0 site
  24. If the Price and Add To Cart do not display run this sql command. Open PhpMyAdmin
  25. UPDATE j25_virtuemart_product_prices  SET virtuemart_shoppergroup_id=NULL
  26. (Change the j25 prefix - if tables have a different prefix)
  27. Backup the migrated site !!!

With thanks to Milbo and Kelvyn


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