How to change the Beez 20  template header.

1. Upload the header image to images

2. It will replace the personal2 .png in the personal template

3. In Media Manager, copy the link location of the uploaded header image file by clicking on the Detail View tab

4. Find the image and inspect (right click) and copy link address

5. Go to Template Manager > Templates tab

6. Scroll down and find Beez_20 Details and Files

7. From the Stylesheets find Edit CSS/personal.css

8. Search for Logo

9. Find this code


  background:  #2568DB  URL( bottom right ;
  margin:0em 10px 10px !important;

10. Paste in the Link address you copied inbetween the URL brackets

11. Change the background colour to match the logo colour

12. Increase or decrease the min-height if the logo is not positioned correctly

13. To change the background image

14. Follow the instructions as above and then search for background

15. Find this code

  background#2568DB  url(../images/personal/sky2.jpgrepeat-x;

16. Paste the copied image address inbetween the URL brackets

17. Done !




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