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If when testing the appointment reminder cron script


it comes back with this message:

This tool can only be executed from cron

Then you will need to hard code the script like so:

To do this edit file: \modules\mod_sv_reminders\reminders_cron.php

At line 49 look for the following code.

Remove or comment out the check for test mode.
Replace the $params->get with the values in red.

$params = new JRegistry($module->params);
if($params->get("test_mode", "") == "1"){
echo "Running in Test Mode. <br/>Don't forget to turn off Test Mode before going into production.<br/>";
} else {
if($_SERVER != ""){
die('This tool can only be executed from cron');

$days_before = $params->get("days_before", ""); "2";
$component = $params->get("component", ""); "ABProJ30";
$results_to = $params->get("mail_to", ""); "[your email address to get results]";
//echo $component;
$version = $params->get("version", ""); "3.0";

Now try running a test directly from your browser with
http://[your site url]/modules/mod_sv_reminders/reminders_cron.php



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